Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding Fine Art: Artist Interview with Shana Squier

Finding Fine Art: Artist Interview with Shana Squier: " Rainbow State I 24'x24' gallery wrapped acrylic on canvas Where are you from and what is it that you do? I am originally from Se..."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

SOLD! "Sea Grapes I"

I sold my first item on!!! Pretty darn excited.

Trying to fit school into a busy schedule

The past few years have been wonderful. Wonderful, but busy beyond belief. I've been working at my families engineering company, going to school on campus locally, and selling and creating art for my private business and for a local Waikiki gallery. Lately I've been weighing my options for school...frankly because on campus classes take such a chunk out of my day and I have become weary and tired of this never ending exhausted schedule. I did some research for online schooling, and to my surprise it was easy to navigate through and get some information to start thinking about applying to take classes at night and on my own time. I'm pretty excited about working from home on my education, because most of my time working on painting is done here as well. This will save time by taking driving to and back from campus off my daily routine. Another site that was user friendly and easy to navigate is Guide to online classes. I recommend anyone looking to save time may want to check these sites out. I was trained on the job for my book keeping position at my families engineering company, and I am also weighing my options to double major in accounting. I came across this site for online accounting degrees that will help my scholarly endeavors as well. Well, I'm off to a good start after doing some research. Wish me luck!