Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hawaiian Lucky Charm

I promised myself years ago I would not subject myself to a being a "Hawaiian theme" artist. The first night I painted at Kuloko Gallery I sold a Hawaiian leaves painting that I was sure no one would ever have interest in. I am now (sort 0f) okay with painting images tourists would find as memorable souvenir of their trip to the Islands, as long as I continue to paint the original ideas and abstracts that made me fall in love with creating. What do you think? Am I turning into a corny island artist?


  1. I think that if you are painting work that is meaningful to you and choose subjects that are compelling to you then there is nothing wrong with doing "Hawaiian themed" art work. If on the other hand your main motivation is to make cute stuff that will sell then you may be turning into a business person rather than an artist. I don't think that's what your doing though.

  2. That painting is beautiful. I doesn't look hawaiian themed, it just look beautiful.

    Don't worry. Really, don't.

  3. Jake: Thanks. I hoped I wasn't heading in that direction and had strong feelings against the main island artists because I felt like they sold themselves short. I guess it really does depend on what you paint. The leaves, etc are my choice. The gallery is asking me for stuff with fairies/wings/mermaids, etc. for an upcoming show and I am trying really hard to figure out how to put these images into a painting without looking gaudy and cheesy. I am using the one with Adam doing a back flip off Waimea with the butterflies on the side (wings) and now need to come up with another idea. Damaris: Thank you for your comment! I feel good about asking your opinion (all of you) because I feel like I will get the honest truth back. Thanks.

  4. dude, adam as a fairy would rock my world. If you do paint that put it on the blog! jk

    good luck with your upcoming shows.

    did you know my dad is an artist? I'll have to show you his work some time

  5. lol. you are hilarious Damaris. Now I really am thinking about painting Adam with fairy wings. Ha. Thanks for the well wishes. I would love to see your dad's art. And no, I had no idea.